Grandparent's Rights

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As a grandparent, you don't need to read a statute to know that your relationship with your grandchild is in their best interest. As a grandparent whose son or daughter is going through a divorce or other custody action, you also don't need to be told that your relationship with your grandchild may be under as much strain and stress as with the child's parents. You know that the outcome of the custody battle currently being waged has the potential to effectively shut you out of your grandchild's life altogether. In most cases, there is little that you can do to preserve your relationship through a court's order. However, there are times when a grandparent can step into their child's shoes, filing the void left by a parent who the court finds is unable to provide proper care for a child. Our Family Lawyers can help you preserve your rights, and protect your grandchild.

Intervention by a Grandparent

Under normal circumstances, Texas courts do not have a remedy for you, should one or more your grandchild's parents decide not to let you be a part of the child's life. When a situation out of the ordinary arises, and you think son or daughter would not be an appropriate parent to your grandchild, you have the right to file an Intervention. This is a an extraordinary step, and should not be taken lightly. You will need a Texas Family Lawyer, and you need to be aware of the high bar you need to clear in order to be named a conservator of the child, and thus gaining rights of custody, possession and access.

Family Lawyers

Your grandchild's well-being is important to you, and there may be avenues of action available to you. The Family Lawyers at Griffin & Cain will help you decide whether intervening in your grandchild's custody case is the right move, and advise you of what will be necessary to be named a conservator of your grandchild. Call today for a free consultation.

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“This gentleman took a case at the last minute for a friend of mine. He compiled the relevant information within a short period of time, and presented it to the DA--resulting in all charges being dropped. As someone who has worked for lawyers I can say with confidence that Mr. Griffin is exceptionally dedicated and I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Richard
“This Attorney and his staff were a God-send in my custody case! He knew the law well, and helped me remain calm in extremely challenging times. He helped Mediate a very fair settlement, and supported me all the way through!” Anonymous