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We are lawyers ready to serve. Our goal is the best result possible, and we start working towards that goal from the first day someone sets foot in our offices. We start by investigating our clients issues to gain a thorough understanding of the problems at hand. From there our lawyers can chart a course for our clients with the ideal outcome in mind. Whether the best strategy is aggressive or more calculating, our lawyers are prepared to execute a plan proven to work in a variety of circumstances.

Our offices are in Conroe, a short distance from The Woodlands and we serve all of Greater Houston including Spring, Tomball, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Magnolia.

DWI Lawyers | Criminal Lawyers | Conroe | The Woodlands | Montgomery County

Texas is tough on crime, and this is especially true in Montgomery County and the other counties in Greater Houston. Law enforcement  and prosecutors in this county are aggressive and thorough when trying to convict people who they charge with crimes. Those charges can result in a dramatic change to a person's life, with consequences ranging from the loss of a professional licence, to prison. For felonies and other charges the loss of the right to vote or possess a firearm is at stake.

Even when the charges are not felonies, or may not sound that serious, there is much at stake. Employers often let people go if they are convicted of even lesser crimes. Finding future employment or even a residence can be seriously affected by a criminal conviction. Someone who does not fight a charge now may find themselves facing much more serious consequences down the line with that conviction on their record. Our aggressive attorneys will fight for you.

If you have been arrested for DWI or face other criminal charges, you need a lawyer as aggressive and knowledgeable as the prosecutors who want that conviction on your record. The right lawyer can make a difference when DWI or other criminal charges are pending. Our lawyers are aggressive and experienced in defending DWI and other criminal charges. Consultations are complimentary.

Divorce Lawyers | Family Lawyers | Conroe | The Woodlands | Montgomery County

Your choice of Divorce Lawyer is very important. Your Divorce Lawyer must give you all the facts, develop a plan, and execute that plan. Our Divorce Attorneys have the expertise necessary to bring about the result that is best for you.

Our lawyers are always available to discuss your divorce needs. Our Divorce Attorneys know the importance of divorce, child support and child custody cases. Our lawyers will be ready and able to assert your rights. At Griffin & Cain, Attorneys at Law, PLLC you can count on exactly that. Our Divorce Lawyers are available for free initial consultations at our Conroe location.

If you have been charged with DWI or another crime, or facing Divorce, our Montgomery County criminal lawyers and family law attorneys can help. Set up a free consultation in Conroe, just north of The Woodlands near Houston, today.

Client Reviews
“This gentleman took a case at the last minute for a friend of mine. He compiled the relevant information within a short period of time, and presented it to the DA--resulting in all charges being dropped. As someone who has worked for lawyers I can say with confidence that Mr. Griffin is exceptionally dedicated and I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Richard
“This Attorney and his staff were a God-send in my custody case! He knew the law well, and helped me remain calm in extremely challenging times. He helped Mediate a very fair settlement, and supported me all the way through!” Anonymous
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