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The Benefits Of Family Law Mediation

Our attorneys at Griffin, Cain & Herbig, Attorneys at Law, PLLC know that conflict is uncomfortable. Because of this, our Conroe office offers mediation services in divorce and other family cases so that you can avoid the angst of protracted litigation and keep your case out of the courtroom.

Judges prefer that family law disputes – including divorce cases – are settled in mediation, and with good reason. Most courts actually require that you mediate before a contested hearing. People are more satisfied with the process. The results of the case are also less likely to be relitigated in short order. When a divorce involves children, parents are also more likely to work together post-separation when they settle at mediation.

When you mediate with our lawyers, you will be well-served by our negotiation skills and tactics. If you would like to know if mediation is the best option in your dispute call our offices now and schedule a complimentary initial consultation at 281-524-6979.

The Mechanics Of Mediation

An attorney mediator is on the lookout for a deal between the parties. He or she is neutral to both sides and will treat each side evenly. The mediator’s goal is a mutually satisfying agreement concerning every matter in controversy. That means settling issues such as custody and possession/access for children. It also means finding agreement on child support issues and the division of property.

The mediator is not a decision-maker, you are. In that way, mediation is a mechanism by which you can take control of your case. Our mediators know the law and will be frank in discussions of the merits of your case, but it is still your call whether a deal should be struck.

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