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Client Testimonials

“My Go-To Lawyer”

“Bob Griffin is my go-to lawyer. He takes the time to understand my business and start-up goals, as well as the subject matter of my medtech innovation ventures. I appreciate that he keeps me grounded in the short term while maintaining an eye on long-term strategy and fundraising.” Prof. Lyle Hood

“Responsive, Considerate and Willing”

“I have utilized Bob Griffin for my small business and estate planning work for years. He is responsive, considerate and willing to craft solutions that meet my particular needs. I would, and do, recommend him to friends and family.” Dr. H. Brown, Ph.D.

“I’m Glad To Have His Number In My Cellphone”

“I like my lawyer, and that’s Bob. We met at a racetrack, he seemed genuine, and I brought some tough problems to him. They have all been resolved for the best, and I’m glad to have his number in my cellphone; I’d recommend you do the same.” Dr. M. Harris, M.D.

“Ensured A Smooth Plan Forward”

“Robert Griffin drafted our estate plan. He met our needs and ensured a smooth path forward. I have recommended him to several friends and family members and would be happy to recommend him to those needing a probate or estate attorney.” R. Schuster

“Having A Good Lawyer In Your Back Pocket Can Be Critical”

“Having a good lawyer in your back pocket can be critical. Whether it’s a small issue, some general guidance, or crafting an estate plan, I can call Bob Griffin and get it solved or be pointed in the right direction. He does his best to move my issues as quickly as he can.” F. Thomas

“He Helped Me Choose A Path Forward”

“Bob Griffin completed my estate plan. He helped me choose a path forward that gave me the necessary peace of mind. Being a Marine Corps Veteran, and now having my only child serving active duty overseas as a Marine, I had some concerns, but we worked around those. I found he was patient and entertaining, despite the macabre topic. I would recommend him to those needing an estate plan.” N. Wood.