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What To Do If You’re Facing A White Collar Offense

White collar crime is always a hot button issue, gathering attention from the media and scrutiny from law enforcement officials and prosecutors. This scrutiny means that white collar prosecutions are generally lengthy and well investigated. White collar crimes can include felonies and can lead to long prison terms, hefty fines and large restitution bills.

If you are facing state white collar charges or are under investigation, you can trust the criminal practice experience of Griffin, Cain & Herbig, Attorneys at Law, PLLC to see that your rights and your business are protected.

Representation Sooner Rather Than Later

Do not allow the investigation to move forward without representation. If you have been charged, or you are being investigated for white collar crimes, hire experienced criminal defense attorneys sooner rather than later. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can protect your rights during the investigatory process, advise you on how to minimize your damages and can help ensure that no false charges are brought against you.

Texas White Collar Crime Law

White collar offenses include theft, unlawful actions upon electronic communications, money laundering, abuse of credit instruments, perjury and other deceptive practices. White collar crimes can also include all types of fraud, such as general fraud, Insurance fraud and Medicaid fraud.

Civil Consequences

Often the very same facts that led to a criminal investigation can also lead to civil liability. Furthermore, a conviction in a criminal court may also lead to civil liability. Our criminal defense lawyers can defend you in any related state civil matter; consolidating your case and ensuring a united front against your accusers.

If you have been charged with a white collar offense, our attorneys can help protect your rights. Contact our office at 281-524-6979 to set up a free consultation.