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The best interests of your children are no doubt your primary concern while you go through a divorce. Texas law also has those interests in mind, and couples that interest with a robust set of rights for parents. Maintaining or regaining custody may not be a simple process, but our experienced attorneys know the law, know the courts, and are ready to explain and enforce your rights.

Something every parent should know is that when parents have never gone to court to settle a dispute over the children, both parents have equal rights of custody. When any dispute arises over any matter regarding your children’s well-being, your remedies can be limited until you get a judge’s order. If your marriage has ended in effect, but not legally, you need a divorce to protect your rights and your children. If you were never married to the other parent, you need the court to enter an order protecting your rights and protecting your children’s rights. Our lawyers at Griffin, Cain & Herbig, Attorneys at Law, PLLC know this process well and can begin that process quickly. We also handle custody modifications.

What To Know About Texas Custody Law

Perhaps the most important thing to note going into a custody fight is that Texas law presumes that joint conservatorship is in the best interests of children. Courts require cause before granting one parent significantly more rights concerning the care of a child or before limiting the terms of possession granted to the parent with whom the child does not primarily live. Our lawyers know a strong case and will fight against the presumption that custody should be more strongly vested in one parent.

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