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Challenging Domestic Violence Charges

Law enforcement and prosecutors vigorously pursue family violence charges. This is especially true in the communities we serve, such as Conroe and Houston. If you face a domestic violence charge you need a defense lawyer who will protect your rights. Officers called to the scene of a domestic dispute may decide that one person is at fault sometimes without even talking to the other person. In situations like that you need the experience and tenacity of our criminal defense lawyers at Griffin, Cain & Herbig, Attorneys at Law, PLLC.

The Family Relationship

Texas family violence law is triggered only when the person charged with the crime has one of a few strictly defined types of relationship with the alleged victim. Those three relationships are the dating relationship, family relationships in the traditional sense and the household relationship.

Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

A domestic violence conviction has consequences somewhat different than, and often much harsher than the standard underlying charges such as assault. If you are charged with domestic violence, you need to be aware of the enhanced punishments the state can impose and the even harsher punishment that you may be faced with in the future.

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