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Foster Parent Advocates

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Firm News

Your rights as a foster parent are important. Working with Child Protective Services as a foster parent is often confusing, frustrating and heartbreaking. Many people become foster parents with the hope of adopting the children that are placed in their home. Foster families often feel confused and frustrated by CPS’s actions including recurring failures to communicate important information, frequent changing the caseworker assigned to your child, and changing the goals set for the parent under investigation. CPS can remove the child from a foster family’s care for no apparent reason, place the child with another foster family or return the child to the care of the abusive parent, and offer no explanation, or a very poor one.

If you are a foster parent and are concerned for the welfare of a child placed in your home, please contact our offices. Our lawyers can offer guidance in navigating the Child Protective system and help you to assert your rights as a foster parent. Partner Jeredith Jones worked for Child Protective Services prior to her legal career and also has represented clients against CPS and is experienced in handling the legal and practical challenges of CPS. Contact our law firm to learn about your options.