Montgomery County Probate Lawyers

Whether you are the surviving loved one faced with sorting out the affairs of a loved one, or are in need of making sure your assets end up in the right hands upon your own passing, our Probate and Estate Planning Lawyers are ready to assist you.

Probating a Will

Texas has a simplified probate process, at least comparatively. Whether your loved one left a will or not, there's a very good chance that only minimal court involvement will be necessary in wrapping up their affairs. Our lawyers will help you set up an Independent Administration, if circumstances allow (as most do). Once an independent administrator is appointed, only notice to beneficiaries and a filing of an inventory are required in a vast majority of cases.

When a Loved One Died Without A Will

When there is no will left by a deceased person, that estate is termed "intestate." An intestate estate burdens the survivors of a loved one with more uncertainty in how to manage the deceased's affairs. Our Probate Lawyers are experienced in determining the quickest, cheapest course of action, and apprising would be administrators of intestate estates with the pitfalls and perils that may lie ahead. This is not to say that all intestate estates are troublesome. Many are handled in a way not unlike a testate estate (when a will is probated). If you are unsure whether probating the estate of a loved one who passed without leaving a will is feasible, take advantage of our free-of-charge initial consultation.

Estate Planning

The uncertainty of tomorrow is a burden we all must bear. However, the worry of facing that uncertainty without a plan is one we can all easily avoid. With a plan in place, you can be assured that the hard work you've put in to accrue assets for the benefit of your family will not go to instead benefit someone else. Griffin & Cain, Attorneys at Law PLLC has experienced lawyers ready to create a plan for your estate. No estate is too small to leave to uncertainty. From simple wills leaving everything to a spouse and or children, to a revocable trust dispersing significant funds in a way to minimize taxation liability, our Estate Planning Lawyers are experienced in setting up a plan for your estate after your passing.