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Have you holding an order concerning child support or your visitation and access with your child or children and wondering what good it really is? Is your former spouse withholding something you know that document gives you the right to receive? You need a Texas Divorce Lawyer to press your interests and those of your children. The same court that issued those orders needs to hear about your problems. That court can enforce the order by issuing sanctions that can possibly include imprisonment.

What Can You NOT Do If Child Support Goes Unpaid?

Something to bear in mind is the fact that failure to pay child support does not make void the part of the order concerning visitation and access. If your former spouse is not paying, he or she still has all the visitation rights set down by the court. Likewise, if your former spouse refuses you access to your children, you cannot withhold child support payments. You do not want to be in a position of defending an enforcement action. As you now know, you may be faced with imprisonment for this unwise choice. On top of that, the court may be inclined to agree with your former spouse should he or she bring a modification action, and alter to your detriment the rights you have by way of court order.

The penalties for failure to make child support payments include being found in contempt of court. The judge then has the discretion to order up to six months in jail, a driver's license suspension and other penalties. The stakes are higher than you may have thought. Make sure you have an experienced Texas Divorce Lawyer protecting your rights.

Choosing a Texas Divorce Lawyer

Bringing an enforcement action or defending one brought against you will be an emotional challenge. You are being faced with problems you hoped to avoid and hoped you had put behind you. Our divorce lawyers are experienced with the process and understanding of the stress you will be under. Call today for a free consultation.

Client Reviews
“This gentleman took a case at the last minute for a friend of mine. He compiled the relevant information within a short period of time, and presented it to the DA--resulting in all charges being dropped. As someone who has worked for lawyers I can say with confidence that Mr. Griffin is exceptionally dedicated and I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Richard
“This Attorney and his staff were a God-send in my custody case! He knew the law well, and helped me remain calm in extremely challenging times. He helped Mediate a very fair settlement, and supported me all the way through!” Anonymous