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It Is Texas Renaissance Festival Time Again

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Firm News

The Texas Renaissance Festival is a great place to go have some fun, family friendly or not. However, the Texas Renaissance Festival is also a place where you need to be careful. No, not from the people who are going with you, but law enforcement. For those who don’t know, camping at the Renaissance Festival is a favorite of those in alternate lifestyles – and while it’s not our place to judge such a thing – the police are mindful of this. So when traveling to and from the Renaissance Festival, keep a few things in mind.

You will be traveling through many counties, perhaps including Grimes, Waller, Montgomery and Harris. Further, you will travel through many cities – such as Magnolia, Houston and Todd Mission. A lot of these places have their own law enforcement organizations and different policies when it comes to different crimes. Further, these law enforcement organizations have been working with this festival for years, some of them know it better than you do. However, if you follow these tips, you too can reduce the likelihood of arrest.

First, stay hydrated and alert. The first step to getting pulled over is looking like you are committing a crime. Dozing off behind the wheel – either from exhaustion or alcohol – is a sure sign something isn’t right. Second, ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Often times, with the days shortening and the festival so fun – you may leave at night when you had not intended to. Check you brake lights, headlights, taillights, turn signals, inspection, registration and the like. Further, the police in some of these jurisdictions have computer and video equipment to automatically scan for compliance with insurance laws – having a road legal car is important.

Third, and this should go without saying, do not commit a crime. I know you are far away from home, and you have work tomorrow, and it wasn’t too much beer over that amount of time – but this is no excuse to drive while intoxicated. If you have a glimmer of a thought that you are intoxicated, do not drive. The law on driving while intoxicated is being interpreted more and more strictly and being below .08 is not always enough to avoid conviction.

Thus, before going to the festival make a plan. Ensure your car is working well. Further it is wise to carpool, that way if you are tired or too intoxicated to drive, someone else can. To ensure this plan works, designate a driver or two to drive sober and discuss your goals for the festival, letting your car mates know what you are going to do, so they know whether or not they should be drinking at the festival. Lastly, do not carry illegal weapons (or weapons illegally for that matter), narcotics or the like.

Remember, if you do not commit a crime, you can have a good time.