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Future Directives Concerning Driving for The Elderly or Disabled

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Firm News

With age will come certain dignities and indignities. You can turn moments of undignified realization into points at which your plans come to fruition and chances for exhibit wisdom. By making solid plans now, and appointing people to care for and aid you in the future, you can ensure a dignified retirement and maximize the time you spend passing your life lessons on to younger generations.

Devices like Directives to Doctors or Physicians are commonplace in planning for retirement or preparing for a possible disability; an oft overlooked issue is when a senior should not longer drive. After the age of 65, accident rates improve significantly. After the age of 75, an accident is more likely to end in a fatality. No one wants to surrender the keys to their car – a source and symbol of freedom and independence. However, there may come a time when vision, memory or reflexes are such that driving a car, even a short distance, can be lethal to not only yourself, but also to the beloved members of another family.

When the time comes you may need some help to surrender that two-ton freedom machine, and that’s what a Future Directive Concerning Driving will assist you in doing. This document appoints a trusted family member to evaluate your driving and determine whether you are safe to operate a motor vehicle. If you choose to execute this instrument you will create a plan that not only ensures your continued involvement in your family’s life, but also prevents you from inadvertently injuring someone.