Increasing the size of your family should be a joyful event, and a cause for celebration. You should be concentrating on future plans for you and your new child. However, the complexity of Texas adoption laws can easily delay or even prevent your plans from coming to fruition. An adoption lawyer knows the law, the potential roadblocks and the way through the system.

Our lawyers at Griffin & Cain, Attorneys at Law, PLLC will handle your adoption with skill matching your enthusiasm for a larger family. We strive to ensure our clients know how the system will treat their case from the outset, and hope to minimize uncertainty through the lengthy adoption process. Our Adoption Lawyers are ready to help you today!

There are several types of adoptions including: private and agency adoptions, step-parent adoptions, foster parent adoptions, kinship adoptions (grandparents, or other relatives), single-parent adoptions, and adult adoptions. No matter the type of adoption, our lawyers are prepared to meet your needs.

The adoption process may also originate because of a Child Protective Services (CPS) case. The termination of the rights of the child’s biological parents is an especially complex area of law. Many plans can go awry when, for example, a missing parent returns seeking custody or if CPS does not consent in the adoption by the foster parent. In examples such as these, you need an Adoption Lawyer to advocate for you and protect your rights.

At Griffin & Cain, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, our adoption attorneys are experienced with the process and want to help you push the stress aside so you can enjoy the new addition to your family. At our offices in Conroe, we are convenient to Houston and surrounding areas. Call today and make an appointment for a free consultation.

Client Reviews
“This gentleman took a case at the last minute for a friend of mine. He compiled the relevant information within a short period of time, and presented it to the DA--resulting in all charges being dropped. As someone who has worked for lawyers I can say with confidence that Mr. Griffin is exceptionally dedicated and I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Richard
“This Attorney and his staff were a God-send in my custody case! He knew the law well, and helped me remain calm in extremely challenging times. He helped Mediate a very fair settlement, and supported me all the way through!” Anonymous